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A timeless place of rest where modernity meets tradition

Nirvana Asia’s third entry in Johor is Nirvana Memorial Park (Kulai), located not too far from the state capital city of Johor Bahru. A land blessed with unrivalled Feng Shui, the memorial park is equipped with the facilities and amenities of its sister branches on an improved level – most notably its five-star multi-purpose Temple of the Three Saints complex.

Its main theme of integration with nature is interpreted as a state-of-the-art complex that utilizes abundant natural light through a dignified yet elegant, modern steel and glass design. The interior design echoes a similar theme in which the traditional blend flawlessly with the new in an extravagant display of spirituality meets utilitarian. Just within the central sanctum is the altar dedicated to the Three Western Saints surrounded by ancestral tablets lit with cutting edge LED lighting technology that breathes new life to an honorable ancient Confucian practice. Similar themes of modernity and elegance are echoed throughout its columbaria facilities.

As with Nirvana’s many memorial parks throughout the country, the 67-acre Nirvana Memorial Park (Kulai) offers a vast choice of timeless and elegantly designed burial plots in superior Feng Shui land that caters for multiple denominations. With fabulously landscaped gardens that are complemented with well-planned roads and walkways, visitors will always feel at ease and comfort in this much-sought final resting place of prosperity and peace.

Nirvana Kulai Introduction Video