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Exceptional resting places of unrivalled distinction

Excellent Feng Shui is governed by exceptional natural landforms found in the environment. What is termed as good Feng Shui environment consists of five auspicious aspects; namely mountain (termed as “dragon”), meridian spot, water source, protective embraces and direction. The five aspects when found in a conducive setting will produce an environment suitable for amassing positive energies (or “Qi”). Therefore, burial plots found on lands with such desirable features is said to be capable of blessing one’s descendants with great wealth, prosperity and status.

Nirvana’s numerous choices of burial plots located in multiple internationally-acclaimed memorial parks are endorsed by renowned masters and practitioners for having excellent Feng Shui due to exceptional qualities enhanced by extraordinary natural landforms. Each and every memorial park has been recognised for its potential to harness beneficial energies capable of bringing great blessings of good fortune for generations.

The natural beauty and ambience of Nirvana’s memorial parks are further enhanced by unique landscaping designs and architecture that has garnered awards on both state and national levels. Nirvana is not only ideal as a peaceful final resting place, but the definitive choice for generations to call their eternal home.

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