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All Types Of Columbarium

Redefining reverence through architectural magnificence

For what it lacks in individuality, columbaria is changing the way we memorialise and honour the departed through architecture of unparalleled magnificence. Increasing constraints of land space and growing popularity of cremation serve as an inspiration for Nirvana to create and design columbaria as eternal homes of peerless grandeur and artistic splendour.

Whether at its numerous scenic memorial parks or groundbreaking integrated memorial centres in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, Nirvana has taken columbarium design to new heights. Drawing influences from both traditional and modern concepts to create spectacular memorials, Nirvana looks to not only revitalizing interest in reverence and commemoration of departed love ones, but to also promote culture and spirituality in urban communities as a whole.

By integrating five-star elements such as air-conditioning, cafes, resting lounges, memorial parlours, activity centres, beautiful interior design and comfortable furnishings in columbaria, Nirvana includes prioritizing visitor comfort on top of maintaining traditional values in paying respects to those gone before. Regardless of beliefs and spirituality, Nirvana’s columbaria provide for all needs and walks of life.

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