Nirvana 24 Hours Emergency Funeral Service

Luxury Columbarium

(Klang Valley)

With a 6-star decoration, the Brahma Palace was built with intricate and beautiful designs With its 6-star design inspired by the Lingshan Brahma Palace in China, the MR LEE Palace is constructed with delicate and beautiful interiors that warmly welcome visitors. Its spectacular ceiling, intricatete sculptures, elegant murals and warm ambience createa truly remarkable atmosphere that both calms the heart of visitors as well as provide the departed with a serene place of eternal rest.

Every detail in the Chamber of Eternal Bliss is specially and carefully designed with the visitor’s absolute comfort in mind. Sumptuous furnishings adorn numerous comfortable resting lounges, providing a contemplative and quiet atmosphere for family and friends who visit during memorial occasions.

Equipped with air-conditioning and elevators with an access card security system, friends and family members are provided with comfort, convenience and privacy during visits.

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